Those who are in the diamond and gold businesses already know what it is doing business in these areas. For the one who begins in this area things may seem deceivingly simple: just the minimum search effort and you quickly find a diamond and / or gold supplier. It seems too simple: adding someone in a social network with a profile that seems contextually adapted to the reality of the business, ask some photos and in a short time, always with friendly prices, the deal looks promising. Someone looking for supply, someone able to provide, and suddenly without knowing exactly how, we are lucky to be the one who with little effort has found a solution.

In 99% of the situations this is the path of those who start in this business; the alleged owner of the material asks for an advanced payment for whatever reason, or simply asks for your presence. This is where the problems begin: the individual is articulate in his rhetoric and you choose to send some money, or even decide to travel. Then one of two things occur: either you send money to the supplier and find yourself without it and the product, or if you go there, it is likely that you find yourself wrapped in very complicated local schemes that usually end in kidnapping and extortion, in geopolitical very critical countries. The stories are always the same, and those who already know this business also knows this. This happens to beginners but will also happen in one way or another to individuals with average experience in the field. The stories are always the same: on one occasion a number carats or gold kg was negotiated and in the end what was received was beautiful pieces of glass, quartz, topaz, or in the case of gold, just sand. In this area, we all know how it works: the buyer hasn’t still arrived, and the alleged owner of the material is already asking for ‘export taxes’, or simply money for the alleged KPC. In the end and in general, everything turns out to be a fraud. The documents are forged or the product does not match what was contracted either in writing or verbally.

In any of these cases the intelligence service is fundamental; for the buyer, knowing little of the shaky ground of this business venture area, IntellCorp has an advisory service that allows three things of capital importance:

  1. Enables the customer to obtain local, reliable information about the veracity of any contact established or in progress and paves the way for future business;
  2. Identifies to the customer the local and usual procedures for this type of product and the key stakeholders;
  3. Effective local support as for Intelligence, Security and Protection for these international risk operations from their point of sale / purchase and route to the final destination;

A rigorous private intelligence service is essential to prevent fraud, kidnapping and extortion. In IntellCorp we know the terrain like nobody else and we know how to operate in these type of markets; we know how to act in risk situations, and accompany our clients in both the due diligence process on your potential supplier, but we also provide local support so that your business develops with the greatest tranquility.

This is our way of doing security: we act in complex situations, work in critical terrains that are often very fertile in opportunities, but also in dangers.

Anywhere in the world all business stakeholders and particularly in this business area, are often and generally faced with difficulties that without a structured and solid intelligence work very easily degenerate into problems that translate into substantial losses of money, the freedom of the purchaser, and in limit situations may cost him his life.

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