Intelligence Agencies, as essential resources to defend the National Interest, have always been connected both to the State’s executive branch and to the military and internal security (police forces). This assures a normal relationship between Politics, politicians and “public” intelligence services; and Intelligence becomes an available tool when they work in the State’s central administration. Therefore, Intelligence is crucial for national politicians defending the political, economic and social agenda, and for the state, defending the National Interest.

A private Intelligence service and a public one have some similar features, but they are different enough to be considered in different contexts and for different reasons. At least for a strict and responsible Intelligence company, its ultimate commitment is to the operations’ legality and safety, and of course, to its clients.

An intelligence company obviously has the duty of representing nothing but its client’s will. It must be ethically independent – that is to say not involved in any way with either interest groups or more or less adequate judgements. Each operation must be considered coldly and stringently; the purpose behind this type of Intelligence services is to fulfil the service’s objectives, regardless of any constraints many agents, companies and even the common citizen are bound by.

At IntellCorp, that’s exactly what we do: for politicians aspiring to get promoted to any higher status, and for politicians who are already placed in the market, we offer a range of services, which often guarantee success, regarding any objectives they might have during this public recognition process. This kind of Intelligence services also has another relevant aspect, which is the duty of providing support to individuals – typically businessmen who want to be in touch, professionally, with a certain geographic area, or even a certain company’s political situation.

What do we do, in all these cases? What kind of services do we provide? An Intelligence service is typically very chameleonic; regarding support to already politically exposed individuals, our work may include support services strictly to their political career, or a more global and deeper type of work. IntellCorp’s work goes beyond monitoring or advising, regarding information control and management policies and other issues related to more specific personal or professional security. IntellCorp is deeply connected to services related to hard-core, hard to reach information. In this case, for a settled or rising politician, IntellCorp can offer, for example, a due diligence service on national or foreigner individuals, as well as on companies or interest groups, and the relative spheres of influence. We are the first to be aware that knowledge is power.

One of the Intelligence golden rules is knowing that every one of us has vulnerabilities; that besides material security, people might be the biggest vulnerabilities themselves, as well as the information they often carry and personally or professionally reach.

In conclusion, we provide interesting reports to politicians or businessmen who want to be prepared for challenges they’re bound to: finding out who is who, pursuing the best ways to accomplish something, from a political or corporative point of view, nationally or internationally. It’s all about knowing the risks or vulnerabilities related to a political decision, a specific individual, or even a certain geographic area. We offer the power of control; that is to know beforehand what might happen, how to prepare oneself and how to produce results, suspending or removing any risk situations.

IntellCorp, as it is, is the first and only Intelligence company in Portugal; it is based on passion for preventing or removing danger, but also on a strict and solid reasonableness, regarding all operations handling and conduct. We have specialists from many different fields and sectors working with us, including people with a wide knowledge and experience in this field: Operation Specialists, Analysts and Intelligence Ex-Officials.

We provide Intelligence in different fields and transversal subjects, such as: Geopolitical, Economic, Social or Military, Terrorism or Organized Crime. We act in complex situations with discretion and sobriety; we are located in the biggest metropolitan centres, but also in the most remote areas. We don’t have a working time: we do what we have to do, when and how it’s necessary. We represent a unique project, born from very particular people. We go where only a few want to go, we do and deliver what only a few can or want to.

For more info please reach us through [email protected], or call: +351 21 896 22 37 to book an appointment now. Learn more on our website and follow our updates on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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