In the Portuguese-speaking market, it’s necessary to demystify what Intelligence can do for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Often, the general public’s perception about Intelligence services is that they’re only made for big economic and interest groups. This is just part of the truth; undoubtedly, IntellCorp, for example, provides excellence services to big economic groups. But it’s important to notice the work we do with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, which often, in the middle of a lot of contacts and an agenda that’s very hard to manage, makes a considerable difference.

Imagine the small or medium-sized entrepreneur doing his usual market research, within his reach and as deeply as he can. Now imagine this same entrepreneur, in a monthly fee basis for example, with constant support, at least weekly, on individuals and companies who approach him every day. We often know that at least part of a business’ success is all about being in the right place at the right time; the rest of this success is due to what’s often connected to the unimaginable: is a certain company or individual really what they claim to be, do they have what they say they have, and can they do what they say they’re capable of?

This are the questions IntellCorp can answer, for example, to a small businessman. This competitive analysis allows you to lead the competition, with an undefeated combat tool, as it represents a very strong support to risk awareness. When we mention risk, it’s also important to talk about threats/vulnerabilities. At IntellCorp, we know how competitive markets can be – both nationally and, of course, internationally. The entrepreneur, whether younger or older, is forced to manage tasks, not only to fulfil the company’s objectives, but also to obtain more clients. This process is generally complex and often critical – obtaining new clients depends a lot on the prospection, and if this is not done properly, it may lead to big losses.

Here, it’s important to emphasise that a great Intelligence service may be equally the perfect solution to substantially improve the contacts channels’ effectiveness, activating spheres of influence both near high company boards, and near equally great businessmen. What’s important to notice here is this: a company like IntellCorp may be and should be a sophisticated tool to be used when searching for new clients, through positive influence from new businesses, and also but not less important, through the protection our clients need, before facing the market with a different attitude.

IntellCorp’s work always include: a thorough information research, check, analysis, compilation and supporting decisions related to actions to be considered, according to our client’s goals. When our client is protected from possible or existing threats from the competition, we can move on to a more offensive stage, and help the client strategically explore all his competition’s vulnerabilities. This is exactly when IntellCorp’s experience is crucial: the fact that we work with ex-Intelligence Officials, from analysts to Portuguese and foreigner Intelligence services specialists, makes the service we provide to our clients considerably better. Our work is sober and discrete. Whether working with big entrepreneurs and small ones, whether because they want to expand their activity, or simply deepen it and making it more effective before the competition, IntellCorp offers detailed services for every specific need, with monthly fees, or sporadic operation models, for any urgent situations.

What makes IntellCorp different from other Intelligence companies around the world is our specialization in the Portuguese-speaking, African and South-American markets. Our living contact and work networks are spread all over the globe, and it’s also important to notice the great influence we have in the Gulf area.

For more info please reach us through [email protected], or call: +351 21 896 22 37 to book an appointment now. Learn more on our website and follow our updates on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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