Frequently Asked Questions


Is IntellCorp a company or does is have any other legal personality?

IntellCorp is a brand, which is commercialized by a Portuguese company. In Portugal, IntellCorp has a 50,000€ social capital. It was established in June, 2016, and it is currently based near Campus da Justiça, in Expo, Lisbon, Portugal.

What does IntellCorp do?

IntellCorp provides Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, and Security services; this means we are experts in collecting, managing, and analyzing data, in order to deliver relevant intelligence to the decision maker or client. We operate, typically, in complex situations and in critical circumstances. IntellCorp’s client may be a person, a family, a company, a government or simply a certain interest group.

Are IntellCorp services legal?

IntellCorp’s activities are strictly legal. Our teams incorporate years of experience in the public and private sectors for Intelligence and Counterintelligence; therefore we are aware of the kind of services we provide. We operate in each state, accordingly to the national and international laws.

Does IntellCorp guarantee, in any way, its operations’ success?

No; IntellCorp does guarantee that all means and efforts will be considered to protect its client and to accomplish what it has been hired to do.

Does IntellCorp stand for any particular interests?

No. IntellCorp persistently stands for its clients, regardless of any other interests.  Our ultimate commitment is to our client.

Where can IntellCorp operate?

IntellCorp is capable of operating anywhere across the globe: our connections network derives from years of experience in the Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Diplomacy, Defense, Security, Political, Economic, and Social spheres. Our experience integrates operational and analysis abilities, both in the strategic and tactic fields.  Our connections and sources on the ground derive from years of personal and professional experience. We are active in competitive and extremely mature societies and civilizations, as well as in remote places, typically uncivilized and hard to reach.

Are you what they call “mercenaries”?

No, not in its pejorative sense. Since we are a company, our goal is, naturally, to sell our product. In that way, we are, in fact mercenaries (noun), for we do not discriminate anyone, based on their nationality, beliefs or other factors. We are “war professionals”, that is to say, people who are used to live and deal with all kinds of conflicts and in many different plans, and we know how to explore them, for the benefit of their state. However, we are not mercenaries (adjective), regarding the renouncement of ethical values, in order to obtain results. If we truly are pushed to the limit, to what we call the “red line”, we know when to stop, before we cross it.

Are you former spies?

The so-called “secret agents” are, in fact, “ Intelligence Officers”. If someone is a “secret agent”, he is a “spy”, but for certain, he is not an “Intelligence Officer”. A “spy” is any member used to collect, illegally, data, for the benefit of a third party. An “Intelligence Officer” is a government employee, loyal to his State. Can an “Intelligence Officer” be a spy? Absolutely, if his conduct indicates that he is pursuing espionage activities.

A good Intelligence Officer is available 24/7, every day of the year, and breathes his activity. A good Intelligence Officer ”takes 10 years to become one, gaining the necessary experience”. A good Intelligence Officer should be used to work on an “always alert” basis, towards everything around him, and constantly analyzing what’s happening in the world. He should be impartial, and he should always keep in mind the National Interest, regardless of knowing that most of the population he’s committed to stand for will never know what he did, or thank him for his selflessness, commitment and professionalism.

Therefore, we are not former spies. We are former Intelligence and Counterintelligence Officers. We are former government employees, with knowledge and a wide professional experience in the Intelligence and Counterintelligence fields, currently building their career in the private sector.

How do you differ from a news agency?

In Portugal, there is a common misunderstanding, regarding some terms and matters. The news agencies or press are “information services”. The so-called “secret services” organizations are “Intelligence Services”. We differ from a news agency in a wide experience and knowledge, regarding the collection and analysis in different fields and transversal topics, through deeper means than the ones the Media usually resorts; and in both sides: operations and analysis tactics and strategy. We know, as well, the offensive means for collecting data and the most adequate defensive means.