Who we are


In a Network-based, Information Society, we are a rare and unique company, embracing skills that are only reachable to whoever was once part of the Nacional and International Intelligence Community’s small circle. In Portugal, we are one of a kind. We are the first capable of applying the latest Intelligence tactics and strategies on the ground, in order to offer a higher reliability and support, almost anywhere in the world.  We know what’s necessary for each case. We know where it is, who has it, who has the power, and which tools and weaknesses can be explored, in favor of our clients. We are not a “business as usual” company.

We are capable of protecting your personal and professional life from anyone: we can protect you from an individual, from a company, and even from any organization. We are capable of protecting your personal life from any kind of criminal entity, in any context; we provide Intelligence and protection in the world’s biggest cities, but also, when necessary, in the most remote places on the planet. IntellCorp is based in Lisbon, Portugal, near Campus da Justiça, and we’re also located in New York, Brasília, Maputo and, most recently, in Dubai.

We are capable of making your company overcome the competition; we explore your closest competitors’ weaknesses, and, with our work, we can offer our clients tools that allow them to weaken their opponents.

If your company is considering the possibility of reaching complex or remote (yet appealing) markets, we can guarantee you won’t find any other Portuguese-speaking company that can offer you Intelligence services this complex and detailed, allowing you to meet the main powerful decision makers, as well as what moves them, their weaknesses and their routines.

In conclusion: IntellCorp represents dozens of years of experience in Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Diplomacy, and Defense and Security; there are more than seventy direct and indirect collaborators working with us, such as former Intelligence Officers (analysts and operational elements), diplomats, military and security senior officers, special forces, marines, paratroopers, and many others with a wide experience both in the private and the public sectors. From strategy to tactic analysis and operations, we are experts in Intelligence and Counterintelligence.


Who are our clients?

As a result of global communications, our clients can now be anyone. We work for those who need a due diligence, a background check, before closing a deal; we work for those who need sensitive information protection and management, for any reason. We are requested to look into competitors' weaknesses, to detect their flaws in formal, informal, private, public or religious organizations. We assist people and companies on their growth in markets they often don’t know anything about: developed societies and large cities, although with very specific circumstances and spheres of influence, or remote locations, which are hard to reach and highly risky to the interested parties’ integrity. 

Our clients are also often public entities, who, for some reason, need to outsource to the private sector Intelligence services, to obtain the intelligence they want and to understand any kind of public or political event.

Collaborators, Connections & Sources

The combination of both IntellCorp’s managers’ experience makes it unique in national and international markets:  on the one hand, we gather the best and most demanding experience from intelligence agencies, diplomacy, security and defense areas, with a network of nearly 70 employees and its connections and sources spread worldwide; on the other hand, we have the international relations and political academic background, as well as a strong expertise in the international business field, which results in over 11,000 connections all over the world.

Partners & Cofounders

Ruben Ribeiro

Ruben Ribeiro is a former Intelligence Officer from SIED - Defense Strategic Intelligence Service, with a wide experience both in tactical and strategic analysis, and in the operational area. He represented his agency in matters of National Interest and his fields of expertise combine geographic and thematic subjects, in the political, economic and social arenas, at both national and supranational levels.