Ethics, philosophy and policies

IntellCorp has, as its principle, an ethically and morally independent attitude. As Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Protection, and Security agents and service providers, IntellCorp’s primary purpose (despite its legal personality), although it’s not considered an agent with moral and ethical attributes, is to protect our clients, managing intelligence and isolating the risks of the contemporary world. The interests IntellCorp deals with are limited to its ultimate purpose: to assure its contracts’ accomplishments, without prejudging, or assuming any kind of positioning, which is only and always the competent authorities’ job to settle. IntellCorp has a well-defined and strict internal intelligence management policy; on the one hand, the company has a commercial side, as usual, but, on the other hand, given its complexity and the particularity of its line of business, there is an independent and private operational side as well. This ethical policy is primarily aimed at protecting both sides of action, in each mission we perform: firstly, to assure all confidentiality and discretion from our client; secondly, to equally assure our collaborators’ safety.

IntellCorp is not a common business company; every day, we deal with clients and situations, whose analysis and clarification might be ethically complex.  We know humanity is concerned with the differentiation of what is right or wrong, for ages; we also know that these concerns, or at least some kind of conscience about the moral values of any society are most likely transversal to the animal world (and not just a Mankind subject). However, every day, our company is often the expression of the continued deconstruction of myths, culturally relevant historical prejudices, which are all around us and constitute our society and our most prestigious civil and religious institutions.

Our company is only committed to its own values: our code of Ethics strictly commits us to a service of excellence and to assuring that neither we nor our clients ever get involved in any kind of criminal practices, in the jurisdictions where we perform our services. These are the ultimate values, on which our company’s attitude is based. The circumstances IntellCorp often comes across are extreme and critical; the only way we can assure our survival is by strictly committing to our client and his needs, as well as to our own team on the ground (direct or indirect collaborators). In each case, we seek to assure the participants safety, knowing beforehand that, most times, this only depends on us, on our discipline, on our professionalism approaching the circumstances, and also on certain values we embrace internally, in order to accomplish our operations.

Internally, our policies are based on certain values, which only concern our team: loyalty, professionalism and discretion. IntellCorp is governed by a strong compliance policy, in order to assure that the anti-money laundering laws and rules are complied with.

IntellCorp always, and in all circumstances, follows a full and organized due diligence from all parties, in each case (whether they represent any kind of private or government organizations, or a particular person), triggering, where required, all KYC diligences in operations that seem suspicious. We consider each of our clients’ situation, and what we are required to do, with the utmost forethought: in every case, we want to evaluate the risk of the relevant operation, both for our client and our direct and indirect collaborators, and for our connections and sources.

IntellCorp decisively refuses to perform any service to any clients who are involved in terrorist activities, corruption, money laundering, scams, criminal association crimes, tax evasion, homicides, arms dealing, drug trafficking, human traffic, as well as all kinds of illegal activities, in the jurisdiction where we operate.

If IntellCorp acknowledges, beforehand, that any of our contracts is based on any illegal activity, or that there is any illegal direct or indirect purpose in the operation we are assigned to do, we reserve the right to, immediately, withdraw the contract unilaterally and report that same contract that has already started with the client.

Our main purpose is our clients’ satisfaction and our collaborators’ safety. Our line of business demands, at all times, a very personalized positioning, through which we always and permanently adapt to each circumstance we come across, when we are hired, in order to minimize the risks for every party, for we hold the main responsibility for the reasonableness principles we establish on the ground.

Our services are suited to each specific situation and to each particular ground; the final result always derives from a high level of professionalism, with regard to the compliance with every functional and non-functional requirements of each operation, based on our team’s cohesion. Based on our experience, we know how to meet our client’s needs, and this is the very foundation of our work: our ethics code, our morality has only one direction, and it’s only committed to the success of each particular operation we accept to perform, for our clients.